KIWA MACHINERY|Horizontal Machining Center KH-5800kai

Horizontal Machining Center

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Horizontal Machining Center


Horizontal Machining Center

Largest stroke in its class (#40) for Smaller footprint

  • KH-5800kai has large capacity with small footprint. 
    • High speed, High rigidity, High precision.
    • Various options, such as 240 tools, 6 or 8 pallets system, are prepared to satisfy various range of machining requirements.
    • Quick upgrades of tool and/or pallet numbers are available thanks to the modular design.


Type of tool shankBT40 (OP. CAT40/HSK-A63)
Spindle speed (min-1)12,000 Direct drive
(OP. 15,000 Direct drive)
(OP. 20,000 Built-in)
Number of pallets2 (OP. 6)
Pallet size (mm [inch])500 x 500 [19.7 x 19.7]
(OP. 400 x 400[15.7 x 15.7])
(OP. 630 x 630[24.8 x 24.8])
Max. work piece size (mm [inch])φ800 x 1,000 [φ31.5 x 39.4]
X, Y, Z axes (mm [inch])800 x 800 x 850 [31.5 x 31.5 x 33.5]
Rapid feedX/Y/Z: 80,000 mm/min [3,150 ipm]
B: 66.6 rev./min
Number of tools40 (OP. 60 / 120 / 240)
NCFANUC 31i-B Plus [OP. 0i-MF Plus]
Floor space (mm [inch])
* Including coolant tank
* Excluding chip conveyor

2APC+40/60ATC: 2,618 x 5,482 [103.1x215.8]
2APC+120/240ATC: 2,850 x 5,482 [112.2x215.8]

*Inch expression is approximate.
[OP.] ... Option

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