KIWA MACHINERY|Horizontal Machining Center Triple H40

Triple H40
Horizontal Machining Center

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Triple H40

Triple H40
Horizontal Machining Center

Triple H40

Horizontal Machining Center
Triple H40

KIWA MACHINERY Machine Tools H40

Column Traverse Type Horizontal Machining Center

Column traverse structure assures high rigidity. Easily cuts ferrous materials!
Adaptable to a variety of applications due to the fixed table arrangement; it will solve the customer's various requirements.
Trouble-free design with complete isolation of machining area from mechanism.
Space saving (just 1,400 mm [55.1 inch] wide); most suitable for machining lines.


Type of tool shankBT40 (OP. CAT40)
Spindle speed (min-1)8,000 (OP. 12,000)
Number of palletsSingle
Pallet size (mm [inch])820 x 450 [32.3 x 17.7]
Max. work piece height (mm [inch])790 [31.1]
X, Y, Z axes (mm [inch])510 x 510 x 400 [20.1 x 20.1 x 15.7](OP. X-axis 700 [27.6])
Rapid feed (X/Y/Z) (mm/min. [ipm])60,000 [2,362]
Number of tools20 (OP. 40/60/80)
Floor space (mm [inch])
* Including coolant tank
* Excluding chip conveyor
Single:1,637 x 3,855 [64.1 x 151.8]

*Inch expression is approximate.
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